The world over, culture has become one of the major elements used in influencing tourism and international relations. This is because people’s quest to have practical experience of way of life of others has increased astronomically in different societies across the globe. In this regard, Nigeria and other African countries witness a steady stream of visitors from America (North and South), Europe, Asia and Oceania on weekly basis due to the high presence of fundamental cultural endowments, artifacts and aesthetics. This has automatically marked Nigeria as a tourism destination in the global sphere.

 As Nigeria continues to tap from its rich cultural endowments in the bid to promote tourism and secure its attendant benefits, there is need to embrace the unconventional contemporary paradigm shift from the use of culture in promoting tourism and perhaps creating jobs to the use of culture in peace building processes and conflict resolution by young practitioners, academics and experts.

As part of innovation and in response to public opinion, we have decided to in addition to the usual Face of Culture Beauty Queen contest, have a parallel King of Culture contest amongst eligible young men. This event will test the aptitude of contestants on the history, culture and traditions of the African continent, Nigeria, Cross River State and Obudu people as well as general knowledge. In addition, contestants will showcase the rich culture and cuisines of their people.

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